Develop Hydro Power with the most experienced operator and developer in Papua New Guinea

Operating both the oldest and the newest hydro power stations in the country, PNGFP Hydro is a major Independent Power Producer (IPP), operating three hydro power stations with a combined installed capacity of 14.9MW at Baiune near Bulolo. Our Lower Baiune power station has operated continuously since it was recommissioned in 1947 and still operates at nameplate capacity. PNGFP operates as the power supply authority in Bulolo, supplying power to local businesses and domestic consumers.

The Only IPP to Supply Hydro Power to PNG Power

Commissioned in January 2013, the 9.4MW Upper Baiune power station was built for the sole purpose of supplying power to the Ramu Grid, making it the only hydro power station built by an IPP for the sole purpose of supplying power to PNG Power. A fourth 11.4MW hydro power station is currently under development at Baime with a fifth station also in planning, to significantly increase our supply to PNG Power.

Hydro Power Consultancy

With seven decades of solid, practical experience, PNGFP Hydro is in the unique position of being able to offer hydro power consultancy, including preliminary desktop studies, for small to medium hydro power schemes. Our evaluation and development team, combined with specialist consultants, possess the extensive working knowledge of the numerous disciplines required to bring Hydro Power schemes to fruition, as evidenced by our unrivaled track record in PNG.

Hydro Power Station, 1932

Upper Baiune Hydro Weir

Upper Baiune Settling Basin

Lower Baiune Generator Exciter

Lower Baiune Control Room

Lower Baiune Powerhouse

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