Engineered Wood Products

PNG Forest Products is the industry leader in Engineered Wood Products and has been an invaluable player in building PNG’s future for over 60 years.

Our extensive range of products and services for the domestic and export markets include: treated pine timber and plywood; modular bridging and decking systems; kit homes and pre-fabricated buildings; project construction and infrastructure developments.

All timber is sourced from sustainable pine plantations. The sawmilling and manufacturing plants in Bulolo are powered by PNGFP’s own sustainable hydro power stations.


Our high quality plywood is produced to Australian & New Zealand standards in accordance with the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA) Quality Assurance procedures, with regular independent testing carried out by the EWPAA.

Our complete range of plywood products includes the highly sought after marine and furniture grade plywood, concrete form ply, general structural grade plywood, wall and ceiling linings, noise barrier, decks and bridges. Plywood is also available with CCA and ACQ treatment. This plywood is sold in the domestic PNG market and exported to Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the South Pacific. Some of our highly specialised plywood products are:

OUTPform:  A high quality softwood faced formwork panel with a specialty phenolic resin impregnated overlay, specifically designed to provide a smooth surface finish and allow for multiple reuse of panels in concrete pours. OUTPform F17 achieves a class 2 or 3 off form finish as per AS/NZS 6669 and is ideal for both commercial and civil construction applications.


NiuCoach is an advanced structural plywood panel designed for use on bus floors.  Treated with a unique preservation treatment that protects the floor from fungal decay for at least 15 years, (commensurate with the service life of the vehicle),  NiuCoach is highly prized by top end tour bus manufacturers in Malaysia & Australia due to its outstanding durability and performance.


NiuBarrier is designed to protect home owners, workers and pedestrians from excessive road or rail noise. In use along many roads and highways in Australia, NiuBarrier has a very high acoustic damping performance, dramatically reducing noise levels.

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