PNGFP has employed many thousands of people from all corners of the globe and currently has over 1,200 Papua New Guineans on staff, all working together in a safe, secure and highly productive environment.

We have proudly provided employment and training opportunities to over 500 apprentices, 40 cadets and numerous trainees in the following trades: Electrical;  Mechanical (Heavy & Light);  Fitting & Turning;  Machining;  Sawdoctoring;  Wood Machining and  Boilermaking.

In addition to embracing quality assurance in terms of product specifications and service standards, we are committed to continued development of our people, who are a key element in our quality assurance system.

Equal Opportunity Employer

PNGFP is an equal opportunity employer. Subject to the physical requirements of some positions, employees - regardless of sex, religion and political opinion - will be given equal opportunity for employment, training and promotion.  The criteria for employment and promotion are merit, skills and qualifications.

PNGFP will treat all employees in a fair and socially responsible manner, recognising and rewarding their efforts, maintaining an environment that encourages teamwork and safe work practices, and providing training and development opportunities to maximize the needs of the employees in PNGFP.

Employment Enquiries

Please direct all employment enquiries to the Personnel Manager as follows:

PNG Forest Products

PO Box 88, Bulolo, PNG

P: +675 474 5231

F: +675 474 5365

E: recruitment@pngfp.com

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