About Us

PNG Forest Products is the industry leader in Engineered Wood Products and has been building a better future for PNG through sustainable manufacturing practices since 1954.

Employing over 1,200 Papua New Guineans, PNGFP is certified by the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia, for both the internationally recognized PEFC Chain of Custody Certification and Type 5 JAS-ANZ product certification scheme.

PNGFP’s extensive range of products and services for the domestic and export markets include: plywood and treated pine timber; modular bridging and decking systems; kit homes and pre-fabricated buildings; project construction and infrastructure developments.

All timber is sourced from sustainable PNG pine plantations with our sawmilling and manufacturing plants in Bulolo powered by PNGFP’s own hydro power stations.

Commitment To Quality

PNGFP offers PNG’s only fully CCA/ACQ pressure treated kitset buildings engineered to the most stringent PNG and Australian building code standards and using sustainable PNG plantation pine. PNGFP has Australian Department of Industry Certification & Registration (Plant Number 765 01) for the treatment of CCA/ACQ pressure treated plantation pine to provide durable and protected timber for every type of project.

Sawn and round timber is randomly and rigorously tested in Australia and the Timber Training Institute in Lae to ensure compliance with the relevant Australian and PNG building standards. As a member of the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA), PNGFP conforms to the most stringent standards monitored and audited regularly by independent engineers.

Only AS quality roofing, electrical, plumbing and other hardware components are included in PNGFP’s prefabricated buildings to ensure product integrity. Fire rated external cladding, internal linings and floor coverings are used in PNGFP’s prefabricated buildings whilst maintaining good acoustic properties.

The PNGFP NiuBuild project management and quality assurance teams ensure a successful project outcome from pre-design to completion while the designers and engineers create products which are cost effective, user friendly and serviceable even in the remotest areas.

Mission Statement

PNG Forest Products Limited, through our main assets, people and a certifiably managed, renewable and sustainable plantation resource, shall be the number one supplier of engineered wood products, that exceed customer satisfaction, maximise shareholder profitability and at all times act in a socially responsible manner,  protecting the environment in the areas in which we operate.